Chocolate Milk – Workout Recovery

Running on Weigel's Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk, the perfect workout recovery drink

In recent years, research has begun to show the true power of chocolate milk, especially after a hard workout. This research has begun to show that chocolate milk could be even more effective at helping your body recover than the traditional supplements like whey protein.

Why are recovery drinks needed?

During exercise, your muscles are stressed and some muscle fibers may have damage as a consequence of a tough workout. Your body has burns through its reserves of sugar and other carbohydrates, and needs to replenish fluids lost from sweating. After your workout, your body needs the burned  carbs, protein and calories replenished, and knows exactly what to do with them.


The perfection of chocolate milk

Dr. Lunn, an exercise scientist, says that the combination of protein and carbohydrates (sugars) is “just right” for providing the fuel needed to recoup muscles after a workout. His study (detailed here) studied runners who were separated into two groups who ran a fast-paced 45 minute run, one of which drank chocolate milk afterwards, and the other which had a comparable carbohydrate drink.

The group that was given the chocolate milk had much better muscle protein synthesis (indicating that the muscles were in better shape to rebuild) compared to the other group. The chocolate milk group also had higher levels of glycogen, a muscle fuel, which can help power through subsequent workouts.


Nutrients to keep you going

Chocolate milk offers athletes significant amounts of B-complex vitamins which help you convert food into energy, as well as calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D. All of these are offered while providing a drink low in saturated fat and cholesterol, not even to mention how perfectly delicious it is.

Our three State Fair Ribbions

Weigel’s chocolate milk goes the extra mile

Our chocolate milk is like no other, and we have three Tennessee State Fair blue ribbons to prove it. Our milk comes fresh daily from local, east Tennessee cows, and we are able to get it to our stores in less than 24 hours. Inside the bottle, we use 100% non-GMO sugar, and delicious, real cocoa powder. We are proud of our farmer’s pledge not to use artificial hormones (rBST), and you can count on us to always have the best chocolate milk around.





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